Finnish striker
Finnish striker

Finnish Spits

A dog with a beautiful head and a distinctive tail. That is the Finnish Spitz. The dog is not only beautiful to look at, it is also a sociable family dog with a good character. The dog is not for nothing the national dog breed of Finland. There is another advantage to the Finnish Spitz. The animal has a relatively long life expectancy!

The history of the Finnish Spitz goes back some 3,000 years. Presumably, migrants who moved to Finland dogs that looked suspiciously like the Finnish Spits. This dogs were used as general hunting dogs. Over the years, the breed was bred to develop a very keen nose for birds. When the dog found a bird, it would bark or wag its tail so fast that the bird would freeze. It was then easy for the hunter to shoot the bird. At the end of the 19th century, this beautiful dog was almost done for. It is thanks to Hugo Roos and Hugo Sandberg that the species still exists.

The Finnish Spitz is a sociable family dog that likes to be with acquaintances. However, the animal is also quite independent. Give it the space it needs to do its own thing. If you have neighbours who live close to you, it may not be a good idea to buy this dog. The animal barks quite a lot. The dog does not like strangers. He will tolerate them and he will not become aggressive, but he is certainly not everyone's friend.

Training the Finnish Spitz is quite a challenge. The animal is a tad stubborn and quite easily distracted. It is therefore important to keep the training fun in the first place. In addition, the ego of this animal is quite sensitive. The more compliments he gets, the better it is. It is also advisable not to keep the training sessions too long.

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