best food large dogs orijen originals complete food review
best food large dogs orijen originals complete food review

The best standard food for large adult dogs

Once again, Orijen's dog food will be in the No.1 position in 2021.

Why is Orijen Original Dog Whole Prey the best food for adult dogs?

  • Eaten by most dogs
  • Ensures perfect bowel movement
  • Perfectly balanced feed for a shiny coat
  • The best ingredients ensure a happy and active dog
  • You can smell the purity of the dog food and it keeps very well

This US-based dog food brand sources its ingredients from Kentucky and other parts of the US to ensure quality and freshness. Farmers, ranchers and fishermen are all associated with Orijen to help provide the best possible ingredients and formula for your dog.

Although price is not necessarily a selling point, the quality of the ingredients and integrity of the formula well worth the price. Orijen Adult / Senior Dog Food and Orijen Puppy Large contain fresh ingredients such as chicken that are never frozen and they come from honest farmers, ranchers and fishermen - something not all dog food companies can say.

Customers report that their dogs that previously digestive problems had hundreds of euros worth of tests, their dog Orijen pet food without problems This is a first-class pet food and customer reviews and the list of ingredients prove it. This is first-class pet food and the customer reviews and the ingredient list prove it. Reviews of Orijen dog food prove that this is definitely a fan favourite.


Freshly sourced ingredients

Orijen prides itself on finding high-quality ingredients that come directly from the USA (usually Kentucky, where the company is based). Fresh ingredients that are never frozen mean that your dog gets the best quality food that he can get. It also means that Orijen supports local small businesses (farmers, fishermen and ranchers).

Improving digestion

When owners encounter digestive problems with their pup, frustration can take over and hundreds of euros can be spent. However, customers who provided reviews of Orijen dog food stated that their dogs that once had digestive problems, no longer have them and are 100% healthy. This is a huge testament to the quality of the food produced by Orijen.

Organic ingredients

While some dog foods boast that they are grain-free and this is a great achievement (Orijen pet food also has grain-free products), those companies cannot always say that they contain organic ingredients. Orijen uses organic ingredients such as kale and pumpkin in their products and this is something to note.


hefty price tags are always a drawback for any product, even if the quality of the food is excellent (as in this case). Orijen's price tag is certainly higher than many of its competitors, but its competitors also do not have the quality of ingredients that Orijen has. So there is definitely a trade-off.

Ingredient analysis

As we said earlier, the ingredients used in Orijen dog food are second to none. There is no comparison when you look at Orijen's ingredient list compared to competitors' ingredient lists. Fresh, never-frozen ingredients from the farm are used to ensure your dog has the highest quality food that goes into his sensitive tummy and nourishes his body to create optimal health. Frankly, you'd be hard pressed to find another dog food with this great ingredient list.

fresh chicken meat (22%), dehydrated chicken meat (15%), fresh chicken liver (4%), fresh whole herring (4%), fresh turkey meat (4%), dehydrated turkey meat (4%) fresh turkey liver (3%), fresh whole eggs (3%), fresh filleted pike (3%), fresh whole salmon (3%), fresh chicken heart (3%), chicken cartilage (3%), dehydrated herring (3%) dehydrated salmon (3%), chicken liver oil (3%), red lentils, green peas, sun-dried alfalfa, yams, pea fibre, chickpeas, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach, carrots, Red Delicious apples, Barlett pears, cranberries, blueberries, seaweed, liquorice, angelica, fenugreek, marigold, fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile, dandelion, savory, rosemary.

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