Review Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board 5-in-1 Best Cat Toy of 2021
Review Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board 5-in-1 Best Cat Toy of 2021

Review Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board 5-in-1: Best cat toy of 2021!

In the wild, cats are not served kibble in a bowl. Instead, they are hunting, running and catching their meals. Encouraging this natural instinct at home can make your cat even happier. Providing cat toys and activities, like this Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board, is one way to do that. We had our 6-year-old cat, Vlekkie, test the fun board to find out if other cats would like it.

Easy to cleanNot for all cats
Durable material
Challenging and keeps cats well occupied
Very robust: does not move or get knocked over
Neutral color

Where to buy and how much does the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board cost?

Design: lots of fun in one

The "5-in-1" in the name refers to the five sections of the board, each of which has a different concept. The tunnel and clear spheres arouse a digging instinct, and the pegs, alleys and notches inspire your pet to seek out treats. We think this combination of activities is useful for holding cats' attention and giving them five different experiences within the same space.

We find it nice that the bottom has rubber non-slip feet to hold it in place so it doesn't budge, even if our cat starts playing too rough. We found that the board held its place on hard floors, but not so much on carpet.

In terms of appearance, it is simple white design not as conspicuous as some cat toys can be, so the activity center should fit into most homes. Just be prepared for someone to ask what it is, because the unique design is not something people see often.

The cats like it. Even once they get the hang of it they still have to put some effort into it. The board is of solid quality, thick and heavy plastic. The transparent balls can be removed separately. Does a great job in the dishwasher. Really a good purchase!


Entertainment value: only for cats motivated by food

Enrichment activities such as the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board can be helpful in keeping animals engaged and keep mentally stimulated. In the case of this product, each section requires a different skill, such as digging or clawing. Add treats, cat food or toys to the pegs, in the bowls, under the tunnel and between the modules and watch them work to figure out how to retrieve their prize. We find it nice that you can set it up and then not have to look at it again - Place the rewards when the cat is not paying attention for a while, and let him or her discover it on their own later.

But unfortunately for us, our cat wanted nothing to do with it. On several occasions we tried to entice her with catnip, toys and treats, but we could never get her to do any of the activities. Although she normally wants to play with everything, this could not hold her attention. If your cat is particularly motivated by food, your experience may be different. Our cat is usually not very motivated by food, and we think this was a big reason why she had little interest in playing with the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board.

Safety: no danger of suffocation

We found this toy extremely safe for cats because there are no choking hazards or parts that could injure our cat. In other words, you don't have to store it all the time, just leave it so your cat can play with it without worrying about safety.

Durability: made for intense play

The Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board is made entirely of plastic, making it a extremely durable product is. Most of the toy is made of thick, hard plastic that retains its shape. However, part of the activity center, the transparent spheres, may be prone to tearing or breaking because they are made of thinner, weaker plastic. They are detached from the shelf for cleaning and to make it easier to remove treats from inside. When we received the package, we discovered that one of them was actually already a bit broken. The top and bottom of one globe were broken at the seam, but this did not affect the game in any way.

We like that the bottom has rubber non-slip feet to keep it in place, so it doesn't give way even if our cat starts playing too rough.

Wonderful article! This is much more stable (read: not to pull and therefore no cheating) than such a tower. Our cat gets completely frustrated with the sight of his treats in those see-through trays and with biting, licking and pulling, tries to knock the whole panel over. Wonderful! That way he'll be nice and sweet this winter.


Easy to clean: place it in the dishwasher

The Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board has many areas that would be time consuming to clean, but luckily you can just pop this toy in the dishwasher. As we've established, it's made entirely of plastic, so you can really scrub it away when needed and just clean it up the other times.

Price: higher than average, but worth it

The Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board costs about €20, depending on the store. There are cheaper toys, but they are often made of cardboard and are generally less durable. They also rarely include more than one concept. By spending a little more on this activity board, you are paying for toys that last longer and are easier to clean.

Final assessment

Buy it for a food-motivated cat.

If your cat is motivated by food, the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board is a great product. It's a little more expensive than other cat toys, but because it's durable, easy to clean, and sure to last a long time, we think it's worth the purchase.