Bordeux Dog
Bordeux Dog

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Dog is perhaps one of the most beautiful dogs out there, but at the same time has a rather sad history. The Bordeaux Dog has a powerful appearance, a sweet head and is quite athletic. The dog is considered a sweet family dog, which is very fond of its owner and family members.

The Bordeaux Dog is not originally from Bordeaux. The breed actually originated in another part of France, Brittany. The dog came to be called the Bordeaux Dog because the animal was so popular in Bordeaux. However, the reason for its popularity is a less cheerful one. The dog was so popular in Bordeaux because it was used as a fighting dog. The animal had to take on other wild animals. Before that, the dog was also a fighter, but it was not used for flat entertainment. In fact, the dog was not used for entertainment at all. The animal went to war with them and was used to take down the opponent's horse.

The dog was reintroduced after World War II, but this time as a family dog. He is doing very well at that. The dog is quite dependent and particularly attaches to family members. He is watchful and alert. For this reason the dog is less good with other animals and people. It is therefore important to pay sufficient attention to this during the upbringing. The dog can deal with young children, but it is not his strongest point.

It is also important not to become too attached to the dog. Unfortunately, the Bordeaux Dog has a relatively short life expectancy. On average, this beautiful dog only gets seven years old. This is mainly due to the intensive breeding. The animal has thus become very sensitive to hereditary diseases.

It is crucial to clearly teach the puppy obedience. In addition, it is important to bring the animal into early contact with other dogs and people. Hard training will not have a beneficial effect on the Bordeaux Dog. It is much better to raise him calmly and consistently. In addition, it is important to invest a lot of time in the education of the animal.

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