The Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small dog, but one with a distinct profile. The dog is, unlike some other small dogs, quite sturdy and quite strong. The animal was bred in the United States. Unfortunately, there the dog was mainly kept for martial arts. Meanwhile, the dog is a sociable four-legged companion who delights his owner(s) with his presence.

Although the Boston Terrier was bred in the United States, its foundation is in England. In the 19th century, dog fighting was incredibly popular. Thus, many fighting dogs were bred. One of those fighting dogs was Judge. Judge was a cross between a white English Terrier and a Bulldog. Judge was sold and left with his owner for the United States, to Boston to be precise. In the US Judge found a new owner. He was sold to a certain Hooper. The animal was then called Hooper's Judge. Judge was bred on and thus the Boston Terrier was born. The animal is still popular in the state of Massachusetts. In fact, it is the official dog of the state.

With the abolition of dog fighting, the aggressive nature of the dog also disappeared. Now the dog is just a sweet family dog, which is very loyal to its owner. They are full of energy, have a good temper and are very friendly towards strangers and children. In general, they are good with other dogs, but some males may have a tendency to guard their territory. The dog is fairly watchful, but does not become aggressive.

Raising the Boston Terrier is not particularly complicated. The animal likes to listen to its owner. A reward for good behavior helps tremendously to teach the animal the right things. It is also important to socialize the dog well. It is important to know that the Boston Terrier often takes over the behavior of his boss. When the owner is nervous, the dog will be too.

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