The Jack Russel
The Jack Russel

Jack Russell

The Jack Russel is one of the nicest family dogs around. The animal has a lot of energy and can entertain himself just fine when he has the space. However, he is also very fond of the family in which he grows up. He is always in for a pat on his beautiful head, a walk, or a game of romp. In addition, the Jack Russell is extremely curious. He will regularly come to see what his owner is doing now.

A certain John Russell is the founder of the Jack Russell. As such, the dog is partially named after him. John Russell had many interests. In the first place, he was a pastor. During his college days, he bought a little dog named Trump. Russell apparently also liked to breed dogs and of hunting. In fact, he bred dogs that could accompany him while hunting badgers and foxes. The dog had to be small enough to fit in the saddlebag, but brave enough to chase the fox or badger from its lair.

The Jack Russell has a lively character. When you buy this dog, you will have to make sure that the animal can use its energy. Playing, having adventures, or exploring on your own, it's all in the nature of this animal. The animals are also pretty smart, they can learn a lot. In addition, these dogs have a brave character, they are quite watchful and are not afraid to chase a burglar.

The dog is certainly not afraid, but that can also work to his disadvantage. When a Jack Russell gets involved in a fight, he does not just back down. In fact, he fights on until the bitter end. Of course it is nice that the dog is so brave, but that can get him into dangerous situations. Especially when he gets into a fight with bigger dogs.

The Jack Russell is a real family dog, given enough time for the family to spend with him. They can be left alone quite well, but are always happy to see their owner(s) again. Towards strangers they are initially reserved, but once the dog has seen that his master trusts the stranger, it is soon good. However, this does not apply to a stranger who has treated them unfairly in the past. They never forget that.

Training a Jack Russell is not difficult, but it does require a lot of patience. The animals are quite intelligent and like to take on a challenge. The intelligence also ensures that they are easily distracted. Therefore, make sure the training is challenging.

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