The Maltese
The Maltese


The Maltese is a small and easy dog. With his good mood he knows how to cheer up his surroundings. The animal is lively and brings a cozy atmosphere with it. His sweet and easy character makes him good with children and other pets. dogs can play. In addition, this little four-legged friend likes to crawl on the couch with you, but he's also always up for adventure.

Is a Maltese a family dog?

The Maltese is a true family dog. Historically, he was part of the most diverse families. He was the dog of a working class family, but he was also in the most beautiful palaces. The dog likes to be near his family and likes to go on outings with them. However, the dog does not like to be alone. The Maltese suffers from separation anxiety rather quickly. By raising the puppy well you can suppress this fear somewhat, but the fear will never go away completely. The Maltese is therefore not very suitable for people who are often away from home for the entire day.

Character Maltese

The Maltese has a cheerful character. He doesn't necessarily need to be outside, as long as he has people around him and can take an occasional stroll, he's fine with it. He is reasonably good with other dogs. However, he can bark at other dogs, which they do not always appreciate. It is wise not to let the dog play with small children. The Maltese himself will not easily become aggressive, but children often play too rough with him. This can cause the dog to hurt itself.

Education Maltese

A good, consistent and positive upbringing strikes best with the Maltese. It is important to be clear with the dog. The Maltese knows exactly how he can win people over and can sometimes push his way through. If the dog always gets his way, it will eventually become a spoiled dog. It is better to draw a line in the sand now and then and teach the dog that he cannot always get his way.

When you get the dog as a puppy, it is good to socialize the animal early. It is also good to leave the animal alone for a short period every now and then. This will prevent him from suffering from (severe) separation anxiety later on.

History Maltese

Malta has been a major hub of international trade throughout history. It is therefore quite possible that the ancestors of the dog were brought to the island by traders. It is very possible that this happened as early as 1500 BC. At least by the 5th century BC, the Greeks were particularly fascinated with this dog and perfected it further.

The dog was also popular among the Romans. In Roman myths, the dog appears regularly. However, the dog also plays a role in Biblical stories. There is a well-known story from the Biblical book of Acts. The evangelist Paul is said to have been shipwrecked on Malta. Paul was then said to have healed the father of the Roman governor. According to one legend, Paul was given a Maltese gift as a thank you.

It is almost impossible to imagine that a dog with such an impressive history would become extinct. Yet after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Maltese (almost) became extinct. It was Chinese breeders who saved this magnificent breed from extinction.

Facts about the Maltese:

  • The Greeks made official tombs for the Maltese.
  •  The Maltese is sometimes called the aristocrat of the dog world.
  •  It is quite possible that the Egyptians worshipped the Maltese as a god.


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