The Welsh Corgi Cardigan
The Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Originally, the Welsh Cardigan Corgi and the Welsh Pembroke Corgis formed one breed: the Corgi. However, this single breed was split into two breeds in 1925. The difference is in the tail. The Pembroke Corgi, in fact, has (almost no) tail and pointed ears. This does not apply to the Welsh Cardigan Corgi. For both dogs does apply that they are calm, sweet dogs that fit perfectly in a family.

The name of the Cardigan Corgi refers to an ancient medieval kingdom, Cardiganshire. The word Corgi goes back to an old Celtic word. That word simply means dog. The dog has probably been in Europe for a very long time. It is claimed that the dog was present in Britain as early as 1200 BC. Whether this is completely true cannot be said with certainty. What can be said with certainty is that the dog was already used to drive cattle 1000 years ago. The dog is not that big. This has a special reason. The animal had to be able to easily reach the heels of a cow with its head. When a cow didn't want to walk on, he could certainly count on the Welsh Cardigan Corgi to bite him in the heels.

Lots of small dogs were originally bred as companion animals. This dog was not bred as a companion animal. It is a real working dog. Therefore, keep in mind that although the animal is small in size, it needs a lot of exercise. The dog is also very attached to the family in which it grows up. He is lively and likes to play.

Raising the Welsh Cardigan Corgi is not particularly difficult. However, it is important to emphasize that the animal must be well socialized. Thus, he must often come into contact with other people and dogs. It is of the utmost importance that this already happens during his puppy period. However, even when the animal gets older it remains important to remind him that there is nothing wrong with strangers.

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