Why is pet insurance important?

A visit to the vet can be quite expensive. Sometimes up to more than a thousand euros. That's money you often don't have on hand or somewhere. Therefore it is good to have an animal insurance that covers these costs or part of them. So that in some cases you only have to pay a small contribution yourself.

Insuring your pet properly is therefore a wise choice. Because if you don't have the money for a treatment it will not be performed. While this might be necessary to take away the pain or discomfort of a pet. Pet insurance also does not have to cost a lot. With a cheaper insurance you are often well insured for care and treatments that are really necessary and cannot wait.

Do you not yet have pet insurance? Then choose now to have a pet insurance at an advantageous price. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering and inconvenience.

What do you prevent by insuring a pet?

An accident is in a small corner. So it can also happen to your pet. With an insurance for your pet you avoid unexpected costs. You often pay only a small part of the treatment yourself. How this is arranged is often stated in the policy conditions. Read these carefully because insurance policies often differ.

Another advantage is that you do not have to pay for expensive treatments yourself in full. This makes it easier for you to make the choice to have treatment or surgery.

The last reason to insure your pet is that money is less important when something happens to your pet. Whereas without insurance, you often have to think hard about whether you can afford the costs. So you are in a better position to choose animal welfare. Thinking about this is proof of responsible pet ownership.

Let's consider the benefits again:

  • Don't end up with unexpected costs.
  • You don't have to pay for expensive treatments yourself.
  • Money plays no role in necessary treatment

Is insuring a pet normal to do?

Having good pet insurance is becoming more and more normal. More and more people are seeing the benefits. But you need to know what your pet is or is not insured for. You can read about this in the policy conditions of an insurer.

Taking out pet insurance is therefore normal and extremely sensible. A dog, cat or other animal is often a treasured possession within a family. More and more often, an animal is seen as part of the family. Therefore, it would be a pity if a treatment cannot take place because you simply do not have the money or are not insured for a relatively low monthly premium. So think carefully about the benefits of pet insurance and its value. So you can give your pet all the care he needs. 

What is pet insurance anyway?

Does your pet need medical attention? Then you are well insured for that with a pet insurance. This prevents a visit and treatment from costing you a lot of money that you have to pay yourself. A visit to the vet when something happens quickly runs into the hundreds of euros. Not to mention the treatment afterwards.

But not everyone has good pet insurance. That's a shame, because you benefit from financial security. Which is an absolute benefit to animal welfare. Because just like us humans, animals need the best care.

What kind of insurance is best?

There are many different insurance policies that you can purchase. You can think of a good basic insurance. But there are also additional insurances. Sometimes even with preventive care for your dog. Which insurance is the best is almost impossible to determine in advance. After all, you have to deal with different types dogs and what you're willing to pay for good insurance.

The advice is therefore to have at least a good basic insurance. A good basic insurance will often already cover a large part of the costs of treatment by a veterinarian.

In addition to a good basic insurance you can also take out supplementary insurance policies. You can think of insurances for physio and alternative care. For some this is an absolute must have and for others too superfluous. Which insurance you choose therefore always has to do with your personal choice and how much you want to pay.

Which insurer is the very best?

As mentioned earlier, there are several insurers with a diversity of types of insurance. Which one suits you or you should choose depends very much on your preferences and how you stand financially. The more insurance you take out the more expensive the insurance will eventually become.

It is good to compare the different types of insurance that are out there. There can be many differences. This way you will not only know what is available but also what to consider when it comes to the cost.

How can you get pet insurance?

Most pet insurance policies can be taken out online almost immediately. But of course it is also possible that you want more information about an insurance or have questions that need an answer first. In these cases you can simply contact the insurer who will certainly want to think along with you.

When you want to insure older animals an insurer will always want to receive the file to exclude current care needs. So if a dog has joint problems you will not be insured for them in the future. This also applies when you want to switch.

If you don't take out pet insurance until there is actually something wrong, in many cases the insurance company will not reimburse you for the treatment.

Does pet insurance start right away?

The insurance will only go into effect once you have provided everything that is needed. In addition, most insurers also apply a time limit within which you are not allowed to claim for care expenses. Of course, the exception is that acute care cannot be foreseen.

So with a large number of insurers you have to wait until everything is in place. You can think of supplying a dossier, information about the dog and your personal details.

Is preventive care for your pet also insured?

Not every package has preventive care for which you are insured. So check this carefully if you need it. With preventive care you can think of castration or sterilization of your dog. Depending on the type of insurance, there is also the possibility that an annual check up is insured.

It is becoming less and less common for vaccination to be insured or reimbursed by the insurer as well. However, there are packages that still offer this. It is good to see if a package of your choice has this option. There you can save a lot of money.

A good insurance company is aware of medical options. It is good to know which insurers are aware of this. Because new techniques are not insured by all insurers. If you have questions about this, consult the helpdesk of the insurer of your choice.

Is pet insurance worth the money?

Insuring a pet is absolutely worth the money. By insuring a pet, you do not have to worry about the cost of treatment in case of illness or an accident. When you have to go to the vet, it can be quite expensive. Treatment can cost € 100, but if surgery is involved, it can be much higher, sometimes even thousands of euros.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, you may want to consider a cheaper basic insurance package. These are less expensive than the other packages, but you are assured that a large portion of the costs for Medical Care for a pet will be covered.

The prices of pet insurance vary from a few tens to sometimes hundreds of euros per month. So it's a good idea to compare and see which pet insurance policy best suits your needs. This way you can not only save money, but also be assured that you can enjoy the care you want.

How much premium payment is normal?

As indicated, it is difficult to determine what premium payment is normal. Especially with the additional care packages you can make it as expensive as you want, which by the way does not determine the care you are insured for. It is therefore good to make considerations, but also to compare and if in doubt, get in touch. With the health insurer for your pet?

More and more insurers are offering the option of insuring a pet. This is a good development. Because in this way the premium for a pet insurance remains relatively affordable. But that is of course different for each financial situation where one person can easily miss the money, the other has more difficulty with it. I just can't afford to lose the money.

A good indication of what the premium may cost is therefore impossible to give. For that you really need to make a good comparison of the care you want.

woman with dog

Wouldn't it be better to keep money aside yourself?

Of course, keeping money aside is also a possibility to save for unforeseen costs at a veterinarian, but In practice, this often does not work. You have to deal with expenses. And putting aside money lender often at In it is therefore good to be insured.

Moreover, you have not saved € 1,000 or more easily. It is therefore wise to take out good insurance for your pet. In this way you avoid being unable to pay for costs or not being able to finance treatment, causing your pet to suffer unnecessarily.

What can you insure a pet for?

Pet insurance, like health insurance for People, is very comprehensive. You can opt for a standard basic package. In which you are insured for often 50% of all healthcare costs. But you can also opt for a more extensive package. An extended package often includes coverage for teeth, surgery, accidents, coat care and preventive care.

If you choose a more comprehensive package, you are often also insured for a higher amount. The amount can run up to five or six thousand euros per insurance year. Of course that sounds like a lot of money, but in practice it is not very much, especially if real medical care is needed. Making a scan, performing an operation and the follow-up treatment. These are often very expensive. You have to think of thousands of euros for a specialist treatment or operation.

Why is there so much exclusion by insurers?

Many insurance companies that exclude certain breeds of dogs or certain treatments. They do this for a reason, but to keep insurance affordable. Because many breeds In the future may need surgery to continue to live and function. You can think of hips that are worn out or have a wrong posture, but you can also think of other care, for example of the nose or ears.

An insurance company will always exclude something that is known. This is also how it works when you switch insurers and have a care history with your dog. Then the insurer will always choose to exclude that particular care, Because they know in advance that you will need that care and it costs money.

What can you not insure a pet for?

It depends on the insurer where you live who is or is not insured. It is good to look at general insurance whether the care you want for your pet is insured or not, if you have doubts or if you can not find out, it is good to contact the insurer and insurer can help you.

By asking the question in time which care is and is not insured, you avoid disappointment or setbacks at the time your dog or other pet needs care or treatment. In some cases it is possible to insure the extra care you want at an additional cost. But an insurer is not obliged to do this. That's good to know, but fortunately there are more insurers. So you really do have a market in which you can compare, review and take out insurance.

What pets can you insure?

That you can insure a dog or cat, we already knew. But there are more animals you can insure. For this you need to look for a specific insurance for the animal you have. In some cases an insurer can offer you custom-made insurance.

When insuring a pet, it is always good to look at the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. No matter which animal it is, by taking a good look at the insurance policies you take out? What you are insured for, you avoid having to pay extra later on or facing financial surprises. When you need an insurer for a treatment or an operation that the pet must undergo.

What exceptions are there for pets?

Each insurer has exceptions. This may have to do with specific complaints that fit a pet or a breed, but it may also have to do with care for which they do not want to pay. For other reasons an insurer is free to determine what you can be insured for and what not. You are free to find the insurance that covers what you want to be insured for.

The exceptions that are often not directly on the website. So you have to think about that carefully. So that you can put the question to the insurer. An insurer I can research in no time and give you an appropriate answer.

Insuring all pets a good idea?

If you have more than one pet, it's a good idea to insure them all, even if it's just for the minimum care costs. This way you avoid financial surprises later. In addition, some pet insurance companies offer a discount if you insure more than one pet. That discount can sometimes be as much as 10 or 20%, depending on where you insure your pet.

Insuring a pet is not a superfluous luxury. You'd rather not need insurance than have it, but when you need it, it's nice to be insured because you won't have unexpected costs and you can give your pet the care he needs.

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