best automatic feeding bowl for cats dogs - petwell eatsafe five meal automatic feeding bowl dogs cats
best automatic feeding bowl for cats dogs - petwell eatsafe five meal automatic feeding bowl dogs cats

The best automatic feeder for your dog or cat: PetSafe Eatwell 5 Meal Feeder

The Petsafe 5 Meal Feeder is one of the best automatic feeders, with a digital timer that gives you more accuracy in feeding.

Below is a full review of this feeder with all the information you need to decide if this unit is right for your needs. In this review we will give you a description of this product, features, advantages and disadvantages, tips from current customers to use this automatic feeder better and final conclusions.

Description PetSafe Eatwell Five Meal Feeder

The PetSafe 5-meal feeder feeds your pet automatically up to 5 times a day, of which 4 are programmable meals. With this feeder, you won't have to worry about your cat not eating or overeating. With the digital timer you can set a set feeding schedule at intervals between each meal. For example, you can set it to give equal portions 5 times a day (the first meal is open at the beginning), or one meal a day for 5 days, or 2 meals a day for 2 and a half days, and so on.


  • Automatic feeder made of robust polypropylene.
  • 5 compartments with a capacity of 1 cup of dry food (230 grams).
  • Securely locked lid.
  • Very easy to program with digital timer.
  • Removable food bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Works with batteries only.
  • Requires 4-D batteries, not included.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 46 cm; 1.8 kg

See here a cat's first encounter with the automatic feeder:

Advantages and disadvantages of the automatic feeder


  • Unique dish feeder with digital timer.
  • Very easy to program and operate.
  • The digital timer is very accurate.
  • Programming does not have to be restarted every day, it is a one-time thing, so you can relax unless you want to change the times or remove the batteries.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Deep compartments that can hold 1 cup of dry food each.
  • Made of durable and resistant materials.
  • Sturdy so your cat or dog can't tip it over.
  • It works with rechargeable batteries.
  • The feeder has a good grip on the bottom.
  • The food bowl is easily removable and dishwasher safe
  • Batteries seem to last a long time.
  • Good solution for overnight stays.
  • You can easily set 5 feeding times and also set the feeding times at any time.


  • The motor of the feeder makes a buzzing sound as the dish rotates (lasts 2 seconds).
  • It is not a cat-safe automatic feeder. Some smart cats (more likely in eastern breeds) may figure out how to turn the tray with their paws.
  • You can only program 4 meals, as the first is currently being served.
  • It doesn't have an ON/OFF switch, so you have to remove the batteries if you want to turn it off (if you use it every day, you don't have to turn it off).
  • The unit does not have a low battery indicator.
  • Very difficult to insert and remove batteries.
  • The device does not retain its programming after removing the batteries.
  • Use with moist food is not good for more than 24 hours because it does not have an ice pack under the tray (it has a small compartment to place ice that is only under the currently presented compartment).
  • The feeding bowl is not perfectly aligned with the lid opening.

Some tips from people currently using the PetSafe automatic feeder:

  1. Before you leave your cat alone with the Petsafe food bowl:

Like all feeders, you should try it several times before leaving your pet alone with the feeder. In this way, you will ensure that your cat or dog gets used to the motor sound that lasts about 2 seconds. Sometimes this feeder does not align the lid with the feeder. To check the alignment, program a mock feeding time and test it. If the lid is aligned, program the meals and make sure the tray does not shift too much.

  1. How best to assemble and fill the Petsafe 5 meals

Before using the Petsafe 5 feeder, make sure you remove the instruction label on the lid to allow the lid to rotate without issue. If you remove the instruction label, you can print it from the Petsafe website.

Be sure to push the lip down until it "clicks" so that the bowl is locked to the small guide on the back of the base in this way. This way, your cat cannot move the lid with its paw to get more food from the next bowl.

If the compartments ever get off center, there is a button that moves the motor (rotates the compartments) and centers the lid again.

Never fill the feeder in front of your cat. It will know that all the food is in there and will try to bypass the dish feeder.

  1. How to use the Petsafe 5 food bowl with moist food

If you want to feed your cat moist food, freeze all meals for 12 hours before placing them in the bowl. Then divide the food into the tray for the compartments that will be fed within the first 10 hours. For the trays that will open after 10 hours, leave it frozen in the shape of the can, as it will take longer to thaw this way.


This is an excellent product when mounted correctly, which is easy. With the PetSafe 5-meal, you can feed your cat dry and wet food (with some modifications for wet food) and it has an affordable price.

I recommend the PetSafe 5-meal:

  • For anyone who works and has to feed your dog or cat several times a day.
  • For dogs or cats who need to lose weight because you can feed your pet specific portions throughout the day.

I recommend it with reservations:

  • To feed your pet moist food: Only if the feeding cycle lasts 24 hours and if you place the food on the tray as described in # 3 customer tips.

This device may not be suitable:

  • In fact, if your cat is stressed or anxious, this feeder makes a loud motor noise when the lid turns.
  • If you want to use the feeder for more than two days or if you want your pet to eat 2 or 3 times a day. It can be used up to 5 days if the cat eats dry food once 1 time a day.
  • When using moist feed and it is very hot weather (due to lack of general cooling).
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