howling dog
howling dog

Why do dogs cry?

Why dogs cry is something for which we have to go very far back in time. Dogs used to live mostly in the wild. To let the rest of the group know where they were the dogs howled. It is also a warning to other animals to let them know that they are coming into the dog's territory. So a dog's howling is really a primal instinct.

What does it mean when a dog cries?

As dogs starts crying then it is asking for attention. So basically it is the same as with a child. Just start crying and I'll get attention. Whether it is negative or positive it does not matter. The attention is there in any case!

Sometimes a dog cries even when it is in pain. Usually that crying sounds different though. It is therefore well to this in the eye to keep. If the dog continues to cry in that 'strange' way then it is necessary, however, to go to the vet.

It is also possible that a dog starts crying when there is separation anxiety. For example, if it only happens when you are not at home and one of the neighbors starts complaining about it then you can assume that it is separation anxiety.

With nervousness it can also occur that a dog starts crying. One of the situations in which this can happen is if you are for example with the food of the dog busy. This does the dog because it is not certain of you your promise does comply and also actually gives. So it is also a trust issue from the dog's point of view. 

How do you prevent a dog from crying?

If you are told that your dog is crying every time you are not at home then of course you would love to have this changed. After all, you don't want to bother your neighbors with your pet. What can you do to stop the crying? When it happens when the dog is home alone, the best thing you can do is start over again with training the dog to be home alone. The dog needs to learn that you are sometimes away but that you will also come back. Start with a short period of going away. If necessary, just go out into the garden for a few minutes. You can then immediately hear if your dog stays quiet or if he starts howling again.

A dog can also start howling along at certain sounds. You can then distract the dog by playing with him. Do not start feeding him every time he starts crying. You would then start rewarding behavior you would rather not see and then it works against you.

If a dog starts to cry, for example, because it misses a buddy with whom he or she plays on a daily basis, you can think about making an appointment with that buddy at a fixed time every day. The dog then knows where he stands. You can then actually speak of a dog who is in love and his or her great love simply misses.

Does a dog cry because it misses someone who has died then the dog is in a grieving process. Not only humans mourn but animals do too. Give the animal the space to be able to exchange. Of course, it must remain within limits.

Difference between howling and barking in dogs

There is a distinct difference in dogs between howling or barking. Also the reason why they do this is often different. When a dog barks he or she does this to warn you of something. For example, out of vigilance. It can also be that a dog starts barking because he or she does not feel safe and wants to warn you that he or she does not like it and a next action can possibly follow from the dog's point of view.

Reward the dog for good behavior

Good behavior is rewarded. This is done with children at a young age but this certainly applies to animals as well. Have you been away and your dog has been quiet then you can reward him or her by giving something nice. In this way the dog will link good behavior to something nice and of course we all want to get something nice. This will not be different for your dog.

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